Pseudomuscari coeleste

Let flowering commence!

While I have a few new comers in the collection this year, Pseudomuscari coeleste is, once again, the first of my lovelies to open its buds in the bright February sunshine.

This species is a native of Southern Cappadocia, Turkey.

Coeleste in Latin refers to divine, celestial, heavenly bodies.

The flowers begin with a tight conical raceme of blue green buds. These open as pale blue campanulate flowers with darker blue stripes down the centre of each tepal. They remind me of old fashioned striped pyjamas.

As the flowers age they turn a deep lilac blue. They have no discernible scent.

The leaves are a mid green and not much longer than the flower spikes at maturity.

My bulbs were purchased from

Further details about the species can be found at

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