Muscarimia macrocarpa ‘Golden Fragrance’

Syn. Muscari macrocarpum ‘Golden Fragrance’

1. History/Origin

Discovered by Ethel Savory and developed in the Netherlands by De Goede Bulbvaria. Patented in 1999. The Garden of Paghat the Rat Girl

2. KAVB registrant: Registrant – De Goede Bulbvaria BV 02/Feb/2006

3. Plants of the world online ref:

Not applicable – cultivar

4. Supplier:

Rose Cottage Plants Sep 2015

5. Description of supplier:

Strongly scented yellow flowers, blue grey at tips and sparse foliage. This variety enjoys a sheltered sun baked site.

6. Collection ID prefix:

0011, 0012,

7. Plant
8. Bulb

The advice given by suppliers is to be wary when lifting as the bulbs have perennial, fleshy tap roots.

Bulbs and fleshy roots of Muscari macrocarpum ‘Golden Fragrance’

I have potted my bulbs on several times since purchase. So far, as long as this has been done at the end of summer, while plant is in more dormant phase and care is taken, they appear to suffer no harm.

9. Leaves
10. Flowers

2020 Mar 07 Welcome touch of yellow today. Good to see these guys back and looking healthy again this year.

2019 Apr 18 Planting more deeply seems to have worked. The flowers are still quite lax but they seem healthy and happier this year, growing old gracefully and fragrantly.

2018 Sep – I am attempting to plant more deeply in a larger pot to see if this makes a difference to the stem’s ability to hold weight of flower.

2017 Apr – Same again, with flower heads being too heavy for stems.

2016 Mar – Large flower heads are very fragrant. Their stems did not hold their weight very well so they flopped on to soil.

11. Seed
12. Feed

2019 Apr 19 SOP

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