Muscari vuralii

Muscari vuralii (Bagci & Dogu)

1. History/Origin

Discovered in April 2006 and described in 2009 this species is not common in its natural habitat and is considered critically endangered.

It is named after the Turkish botanist Prof. Dr. Mercit Vural.

Muscari vuralii is closely related to M. coeleste and M. macbethianum, but is found further West in Turkey than these other two species.

2. IPNI Data – First Published

Nordic Journal of Botany 27:243 (2009)

3. Plants of the world online ref:

4. Supplier

Rare Plants 2019

5. Description of supplier

‘Clearly a member of what might be calledd the “discolor group”. The species is a dainty one, with the scape barely exceeding 5cm.’

Acording to supplier ‘this is a high altitude species from a small area having good precipitation.’

Supplier clarifies stock was cultivated at a botanic garden from material close to but not at type locality. Plants are variable and these are ‘more inclined to violet rather than blue’.

6. Collection ID prefix:


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