• B
  • bulbil – early phase of new bulb development from base of bulb.
  • C
  • campanulate – bell shaped
  • G

    globose – globe like

  • O
  • offset – later phase of bulb development from base of bulb
  • ovate – shaped like an egg
  • P
  • petal – modified leaves which act as protection to reproductive parts of the flower, often brightly coloured
  • R
  • raceme – flower cluster with separate flower heads attached by short equal stalks at equal distances along a central stem. The flowers at the base of the stem open first.
  • S
  • scape – long flower stalk coming directly from a root / bulb
  • sepal – typically act to protect flower when in bud or support petals when flower is open.
  • T
  • tepal – non reproductive,outer part of flower which is not clearly a petal or sepal
  • tunicate – type of bulb with a papery like covering or tunic that protects the scales from drying or mechanical damage
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