Leopoldia caucasica

Leopoldia caucasica (Griseb.) Losinsk

1. History and Origin

Found across Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Iran.

Syn. Muscari caucasicum, Bellevalia caucasica

2. IPNI Data – published in

V.L. Komarov (ed.) Fl. URSS iv: 410 (1935)

3. Plants of the world online ref:


4. Supplier:

RarePlants Dec 2018

5. Description of supplier:

Yellowish, tubular fertile flowers are tightly packed in to the lower part of a long dense spike. The individual flowers are tinted with rosy-purple at the mouth, but the teeth are the same restrained golden yellow as the flowers. Higher up the spike the tassel of sterile flowers is an intense violet.’

6. Collection ID prefix:


7. Plant

2020 May 09 Stunning flower spike this year. Beautiful bold pinky purple sterile flowers over warm banana yellow fertile ones, which keep a purple tinge close to the lobes. Lobes are yellow. Needs a larger pot. Only one bulb flowered this year.

8. Bulb

2019 May 17 Lifted the bulbs as initial growth had been slow and leaves appeared to be dying back. Only one flower spike which had not developed. Bulbs appeared healthy and firm with good root systems. Bit of a mystery. Three ideas 1, Spring has been quite cold. 2, Bulb order was a late one and bulbs only put in in Dec. 3, Soil was quite dry… do Leopoldia require more water than Muscari?

2018 Dec 12 x 2 bulbs received

9. Leaves
10. Flowers
11. Seed
12. Feed

2020 Apr 5 – SOP

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