Muscari kerkis

Muscari kerkis Karlen

Muscari kerkis – 29 Mar 2019
1. History/Origin

Native to East Aegean Islands (Samos)

Known from only two small populations on Mount Kerkis (1,433m) on the Western side of the Eastern Aegean island of Samos.

These plants are cultivated stock from RarePlants.

2. IPNI Data – First published in

Wildonowia 14: 112 (1984)

3. Plants of the world online ref:

4. Supplier:

Rare Plants Sep 2016

5. Description of supplier:

The lower fertile flowers are deep indigo (black grape/damson) sharply contrasted by the white teeth. Topped by a set of sterile flowers which are pale blue / turquoise.

6. Collection ID prefix:


7. Plant

2019 Mar 29 For anyone wondering just how small the smallest plant in the collection is here is an actual ‘thumbnail sketch’ of Muscari kerkis in bud 🙂

Muscari kerkis – 29 Mar 2019
8. Bulb

2016 Sep 2 bulbs

9. Leaves

Base of scapes and leaves show a reddy brown colour which decreases up the plant stem.

2019 Mar 19 One bulb has 8, one bulb has 6 leaves. Longest leaf about 6cm while flower spike is 3cm.

10. Flowers
Muscari kerkis -19 Apr 2019

2019 Apr 19 Two fresh flowers set against the older one.

Muscari kerkis- 20 Mar 2019

2019 Mar 19 Bottom flowers have begun to open.

One flower spike per bulb – about 3cm tall.

The blue top set have a pink tinge to unopened lobes in bud.

Flowers have a mild fragrance.

Muscari kerkis – Apr 2018
11. Seed

2018 May collected seed heads

2018 Sep collected 5 seeds and placed in square pot on soil under grit.

2018 Nov pot knocked over – not clear if any remain in pot now.

12. Feed

2019 Apr 19 SOP

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