Muscari ‘Pink Sunrise’

Muscari ‘Pink Sunrise’

1. History/Origin

Photo -Muscari ‘Pink Sunrise’ – Feb 2019

2, Registration

KAVB Registrant: KAVB Registered 30 Jun 2011 Boltha B.V. & W van Lierup & Zn. BV

3, Plants of the world online:

Not applicable

4. Supplier:

Rose Cottage Plants

5. Description of supplier:

‘Flowers are neat and of a delicate pink hue.’

6. Collection ID prefix:

0008, 0009, 0010, 0070

7. Plant
8. Bulb

2018 Sep 30 Bulbs healthy except one which had rotted but generated two offsets. Each main bulb had produced at least 2 to 3 bulbils or offsets.

Muscari ‘Pink Sunrise’ – 7 Oct 2018
9. Leaves

2019 Mar 21 Minimal slug damage this year. Leaves are mid green, healthy and upright. of the 11 flowering bulbs, 10 have 3 and 1 has 4 leaves.

2016-Mar Slugs seem to like the leaves.

10. Flowers

2020 Mar 1 Early flowering showing pale pink tinge on flowersand tightly pinched mouths.

2019 Mar 21 This year the flowers on some of the original bulbs are developing a vivid pink tinge to their mouths as they age.

2016-Mar Flowers do have a very pale pink tinge. Quite small flower heads which don’t seem to last as long as others.

2018-Apr Small delicate flower heads – some fragrance. There is a distinct flush of pale pink to the flowers but it appears quite random – not as clear cut as the older a flower gets the more pink it becomes.

12. Feeding

2019 Mar 21 SOP

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