Muscari sivrihisardaghlarense

Muscari sivrihisardaghlarense Yild. & B.Selvi

1, History/Origin

Native to Turkey.

Muscari sivrihisardaghlarense is a bit of a mouthful for something so small. Mine is just a baby at the moment, but when he grows up he’s hoping to look like

In Turkish ‘sivri’ means sharp or pointed, ‘hisar’ means castle or citadel and ‘dağ’ means mountain.

2, IPNI Data – First Published:

Ot Sist. Bot. Dergisi 9(1):9 (2002)

3. Plants of the world online ref:

4. Supplier

Buried Treasure – Sep 2020

5. Description of supplier:

‘Deep blue flowers, related to M. neglectum but not at all invasive. Worth growing just that you can proudly pronounce the name!’

6. Collection Id prefix:


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