1, Rare Plants (RPL)

My absolute favourite source of good quality bulbs. At Rare Plants you can find all sorts of wonderful plants with helpful, intelligent descriptions.

Bulbs I have ordered have always arrived safely packaged, well labelled and been healthy, good quality.

2, Peter Nyssen (PNY)

Large scale bulb supplier.

3, Rose Cottage Plants (RCP)

Specialists in dahlias, tulips, alliums and other hardy bulbs from Essex in the UK.

4, Plant World Seeds (PWS)

Of course it will be a few years before I know whether the seedlings which germinated are what they said on the packet… but I have been very pleased with the germination rate of the seeds supplied by PWS. Will definitely be looking at their heritage veg range too.

5, Seeds of Peace (SOP)

Israel based plant collector, garden designer and tour guide Oron Peri supplies a fascinating range of rare seeds and bulbs from around the Mediterranean.

6, National Collection Plumstead (NCP)

7, Lound Garden Centre (LGC)

8, Cherry Lane Garden Centre (CLG)

9, Taylor’s Bulbs (TAY)

10, Rare Bulbs Nursery Latvia (RBN)

While Muscari are not the first love of plant hunter and nurseryman Jānis Rukšāns, the catalogue holds some rare and interesting examples.

11, Kevock Garden Plants (KGP)

The letters in brackets are used as part of my collection identification record.

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