Muscari aff discolor

Muscari aff. discolor

1, History/Origin

Note the ‘aff.’ in the name here which demonstrates a likeness or ‘affinity’ to Muscari discolor, but points to the plants having certain differences from the species type.

Muscari discolor is found in Eastern Turkey.

In the Master List of Archibald Seed, a Muscari aff. discolor is noted in Central Turkey at Sivas, Ziyaret on exposed limestone gravel ridges at 2100m.

Brian Mathew placed Muscari discolor within the Pseudomuscari group in ‘The Smaller Bulbs’ owing to the lack of constriction at the mouth of the flowers.

2, IPNI Data

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3, Plants of the world online ref:

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4. Supplier

Buried Treasures Sep 2020

5, Description

Dark violet and white flowers sit on single 8cm racemes. Each with two narrow mid green upright leaves. Light fragrance.

6, Collection prefix


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