Muscari latifolium

Muscari latifolium J. Kirk

1. History/Origin

A native of Turkey, first described in 1860.

Photo – Muscari latifolium- 4 Apr 2018

Markedly wider leaves than majority of species. Sometimes known as the broad leaved Grape Hyacinth.

2. IPNI Data – First published in

Trans. Bot. Soc. Edinburgh vi. (1860) 30

3. Plants of the world online ref:

4. Suppliers:

Lound Plant Centre Sep 2015 Suffolk Plant Heritage Sep 2017 (Helmingham Hall Plant Sale)

5. Description of supplier:

None given. But this page from Paghat the Rat Girl gives a lovely description.

6. Collection ID prefix:

0013, 0014, 0030,

Muscari latifolium Bulbs – 7 Oct 2018
9. Leaves

Muscari latifolium- 4 April 2018
10. Flowers

Buds on flower head protected by the leaf as it pushes up.

Racemes are distinctly two tone. The lower flowers are a deep purple blue. The top flowers are a bright violet.

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