Bellevalia longistyla

Bellevalia longistyla Misch. Grossh

Bellevalia longistyla- 21 Mar 2019
1. History/Origin

Native range is from Eastern Turkey to Western Iran.

‘Longistyla’ refers to the length of the styles (extensions to the ovaries) within the flowers.

2. IPNI Data – First published in

Fl. Kavcaza [Grossheim] 1:-234. 1928

3. Plants of the world online ref:

4. Supplier:

Rare Plants Sep 2018

5. Description of supplier:

The flower spike bears up to 25 blooms each held on a purplish stalk…. Each bears a tubular flower in which the tube is purple, whilst the spreading lobes are white with some fine green veining.

6. Collection ID prefix:

0054, 0162

Bellevalia longistyla- 29 Mar 2019
Bellevalia longistyla- 29 Mar 2019
Bellevalia longistyla – otherwise know as ‘lunchtime’ to a passing snail
Bellevalia longistyla- 15 Mar 2019
Bellevalia longistyla- 3 Mar 2019

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