Muscari inconstrictum

Syn. Pseudomuscari inconstrictum
(Rech.f) Garbari

1. History/Origin

Growing wild in Iraqish Kurdistan Iraq and Syria in to Turkey.

Comes from low altitudes.

Member of Muscari sub genus Pseudomuscari. (Böhnert & al. 2023)

2. First Published In

Muscari inconstrictum – Ark. Bot., a.s., 2: 314 (1952)

Pseudomuscari inconstrictum – Atti. Soc. Tosc. Sci. Nat Pisa. Mem 77:112 (1970 pub 1971)

3. Plants of the world online ref

Collection Notes
4. Supplier

Rare Bulb Nursery Latvia 2020

5. Description

Bright green buds developing in to distinctively dark purple flowers with brilliant purplish blue pedicels providing an eye catching contrast.

6. Collection Prefix

0281, (previously 0160)

7. Plant

Supplier did not grow outside as ‘it needs a good summer rest.’

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