Bellevalia crassa

Bellevalia crassa JJA227.200

1. History/Origin

Originally from North West Turkey.

2. IPNI Data – First published in

Notes Roy. Bot. Gard. Edinburgh 38: 424 (1980)

3. Plants of the world online ref:

4. Supplier:

Buried Treasure Sep 2020

5. Description of supplier:

Two, broad leaves, and a short flower stem – elongates with age.  Short, stubby cluster of buds in April and May. Tips of opening flower buds tinged with pale pink-purple, opening to tightly compacted spike of white flowers with purple anthers. Small bud spikes are almost cylindrical, as a plant gets larger or older, then the spike tend to be longer and more conical or even cylindrical.

6. Collection ID prefix:

180, 181,

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