Pseudomuscari coeleste

So it took most of last year and two house moves, but my little collection of bulbs is finally settled in to a permanent new home and is now getting on with the business of being beautiful.

Pseudomuscari coeleste once again is the first to open a bud in the February sunshine.

Lots of green leaves and a few spots of colour as the usual early suspects begin to stretch.

It’s good to see some colour in some leaves too.

Muscari parviflorum is giving a tiny bold display of red flushed leaves which I have not noticed in previous years.

It’s also really exciting to see seedlings from last year putting on more growth in the greenhouse.

I’ve been very impressed with the germination and development of a number of seeds that I purchased from Plant World Seeds including these Pseudomuscari chalusicum.

Looking forward to the next few months… and looking out for any local snails!

Deb A 🙂

Pseudomuscari coeleste

Let flowering commence!

While I have a few new comers in the collection this year, Pseudomuscari coeleste is, once again, the first of my lovelies to open its buds in the bright February sunshine.

This species is a native of Southern Cappadocia, Turkey.

Coeleste in Latin refers to divine, celestial, heavenly bodies.

The flowers begin with a tight conical raceme of blue green buds. These open as pale blue campanulate flowers with darker blue stripes down the centre of each tepal. They remind me of old fashioned striped pyjamas.

As the flowers age they turn a deep lilac blue. They have no discernible scent.

The leaves are a mid green and not much longer than the flower spikes at maturity.

My bulbs were purchased from

Further details about the species can be found at

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