Leopoldia loveliness

So the Muscari have all turned to seed and the Bellevalia have lost their colour and are lying about limply, pretending to fend off the slugs.

Just when you think it’s all over, the Leopoldia put it a lovely late spring production number.

Leopoldia neumannii – 18 May 2019

Previously I have only grown Leopoldia comosa and to be honest have been quite underwhelmed by its insistence on developing lots of leaves but not coming back in to flower.

However, for various reasons I find myself with several of it’s relatives this year and have been charmed by them.

Some are quite bonkers with their mad little heads of sterile flowers. But while they all appear to run on a theme of pink and purple, yellow and brown, they have distinct personalities which I’ve warmed to in the last few weeks. I hope they won’t be shy about returning next year.

Leopoldia weissii – 18 May 2019

For more on Leopoldia weissii

please follow the link. The rest of the Leopoldia section of the website is ‘in production’ at this time 🙂

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