Brazen Bellevalia

So Bellevalia’s are new to me and I genuinely did not know what to expect.

As far as I can see so far they are a weird and wonderful world of curious pleasures 🙂

Bellevalia longistyla – 22 Mar 2019

Bellevalia longistyla has a dark stem at its centre and delightful purple stamen inside white, green veined flowers.

The flower buds are gradually loosing their elegant, upright poise. A bit like a Victorian lady undoing her tight corset and suddenly letting it all hang out!

Bellevalia buds and babies

Today I have three tales from the Bellevalias to share in pictures.

1, The buds on Bellevalia longistyla are still green and tightly packed, but the appearance of a dark collar at the base of the raceme adds a touch of elegance as the flower spike pushes up.

2, Bellevalia cyanopoda looks a little like a pineapple sitting on its leaves with the raindrops close by. The leaves have a subtle touch of red along their margins.

Bellevalia cyanopoda – 15 Mar 2019

3, And last but not least, not much to look at may be, but very exciting to me… seedlings coming through for Bellevalia paradoxa.

Bellevalia paradoxa seedlings – 15 Mar 2019

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