Muscari ‘Mount Hood’

Muscari ‘Mount Hood

Muscari aucheri ‘Mount Hood’
1. History/Origin
2. KAVB registrant:

Boltha B.V 10/12/2003

3. Plants of the world online ref:

Not applicable


4. Supplier:

Taylor’s Bulbs Sep 2015

5. Description

Mid blue flowers with white lobes, topped by white flowers.

6. Collection ID prefix:

0001, 0002, 0003, 0004

7. Plant

First Muscari I ever purchased in 2015. They have been a bit of a curiosity, reverting to a blue form.

8. Bulb

Sep 2016 Bulbs appear healthy and have made many bulblets in their pots.

9. Leaves
10. Flowers

Apr 2018 Quite confused. One pot of green growth with four flower heads, none of which have the white top flowers. One pot with four flower heads of which three have white top flowers.

Flowers do have some fragrance.

Apr 2019 Have tagged those with white flowers this is to see what they do next year.

11. Seed
12. Feed

2019 Apr 19 SOP

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