Muscari pulchellum pulchellum

Muscari pulchellum subp. pulchellum

1. History/Origin

Native of South East Greece

‘Pulchellum’ means pretty in Latin.

2. IPNI Data – First published in
3. Plants of the world online ref:

4. Supplier:

Rare Plants Sep 2018

5. Description of supplier:

The larger, lower flowers are dark navy blue contrasted with a white mouth whilst the upper, sterile, flowers are paler blue without a white mouth…

6. Collection ID prefix:


7. Plant

Likely to be slow to increase

8. Bulb

Muscari pulchellum subp pulchellum Oct 2020
9. Leaves
10. Flowers

2020 Apr 7

2020 Mar 21 Showing off a neon set of sterile flowers on top and delicately white edged lobes on flowers below.

2020 Mar 1 Lime green buds develop in to deep purple.

Muscari pulchellum subp. pulchellum 1 Mar 2020
11. Seed

2020 May 02 x36 plus seedlings have germinated and are growing away.

2020 Jan 05 x40 plus seeds sown

2019 May 14 While the seed pods are not yet dry, the scape has detached from the bulb so it’s now sitting in a vase in the kitchen.

12. Feed

2020 Apr 5 – SOP

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