Bellevalia dubia

It may be cold outside but that’s not putting Bellevalia dubia off from putting on a fine show this morning.

Bellevalia dubia – 29th Mar 2019

Two weeks ago it was looking like a frog, now it has become a handsome prince 🙂

Bellevalia cyanopoda

Bellevalia cyanopoda – 28 Mar 2019

This low growing Bellevalia cyanopoda is displaying beautifully a purple stem, purple pedicels and unusual blue buds which open to white, with purple stamen.

The word ‘cyanopoda’ actually suggests blue feet!

Beautiful Blue

Bellevalia turkestanica- 29 Mar 2019

The flowers are beginning to open on Bellevalia turkestanica also known by the synonym Bellevalia atroviolacea.

‘Atro’ means ‘darkest’ and this unusual and beautiful plant displays the darkest blue of all the Bellevalias.

Muscari Name Game

Muscari ‘Ocean Magic’ – 23 March 2019

In the world of Muscari cultivation there are many varieties which have lovely names… but who fail to live up to expectation.

I think Muscari ‘Ocean Magic’ is an exception. There is something very much like an ocean wave in its colouration as it opens its buds. A real beauty, well named.

Brazen Bellevalia

So Bellevalia’s are new to me and I genuinely did not know what to expect.

As far as I can see so far they are a weird and wonderful world of curious pleasures 🙂

Bellevalia longistyla – 22 Mar 2019

Bellevalia longistyla has a dark stem at its centre and delightful purple stamen inside white, green veined flowers.

The flower buds are gradually loosing their elegant, upright poise. A bit like a Victorian lady undoing her tight corset and suddenly letting it all hang out!

Muscari pulchellum pulchellum

Muscari pulchellum pulchellum –
21 Mar 2019

Sometimes it is not about the flowers being fully open.

Sometimes there is just a perfect moment, when the lower flowers are just opening, the buds are still displaying their interesting early colour and the flowers at the top are looking amazing in the low light of a gloomy afternoon.

Muscari pulchellum pulchellum is more than living up to its Latin name today.

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