Muscari racemosum

Muscari racemosum Mill.

1. History/Origin

Native of S.W. Turkey

Photo – Muscari racemosum- March 2018

2. IPNI Data – First published in

Gard. Dict., ed8. n.3 1768 [16 April 1768]

3. Plants of the world online ref:

4. Supplier:

Rose Cottage Plants Sep 2015 Arrived by accident pretending to be Muscari macrocarpum ‘Golden Fragrance’

5. Description

While we differ on naming, there is a lovely description and additional notes on cultivation available at the Paghat the Rat-girl website

6. Collection ID prefix:


7. Plant

2020 Mar 15 Lax habit but back again this year beautiful as ever and smelling Devine..

2019 Mar 15 Rumoured to not be as hardy as many of its relatives, my bulb has survived four winters outside, including the legendary ‘Beast from the East last year.’ However, while it is flowering beautifully it has not generated any offsets since arriving in the garden.

8. Bulb

2018 Sep Just like Muscari macrocarpum Golden Fragrance, these bulbs have fleshy perennial roots which allegedly dislike being moved. Repotting each year hasn’t been an issue as far as flowering the next goes, but may be a reason why the bulb hasn’t developed any bulbils so far.

2020 Sep 5 Looking like an alien Katherine wheel. Still no bulblets, but bulb is very healthy.

9. Leaves
10. Flowers

Flowers are strongly scented and loosely packed along the scape. The ivory white lower flowers develop bronze lobes with age. The top flowers have a pinky grey colour which fades.

2018 Mar The scape is a reddish pink colour, and struggles to hold the weight of the flowers up of the soil.

11. Seed

2018 Apr 22 Collected seed from both flower heads.

12. Feed

2019 April 19 SOP

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